“Silver Linings” – Behind the Album

In light of the novel I wrote yesterday, I thought I’d keep the post today a little shorter and write a little tidbit about the name of the album. All of the songs on the album describe the kinds of experiences I’ve had going through high school, both the ups and the downs. Once the EP is out, you’ll notice that the songs all have an empowering message. Rather than writing sad songs with lyrics that essentially say “boo life sucks”, I worked to be optimistic in my content. This idea of focusing on the positive is something I try to do in my daily life, so why not try and share that attitude with others through my music? Thus, Silver Linings was born. No matter how terrible the trauma, there’s always something good to come out of it: self-discovery, a better opportunity, you name it. I hope you all can keep that in mind when you’re listening to the songs. Who knows, maybe they’ll inspire you to find the “silver linings” in your life!

– merakki

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