“No Goodbyes” – Behind the Song

No Goodbyes is actually the oldest song featured on this EP. I wrote this song around last spring/summer when some of my best friends were graduating and leaving for college. The year before, I was a freshman, so the seniors leaving didn’t really affect me. Sophomore year, however, I had two amazing friends that I was not ready to say goodbye to. Hence the name “No Goodbyes”.

This entire song focuses on the idea of remembering the good times and cherishing them, rather than focusing on the fact that you won’t be making nearly as many memories together in the future. This is an outlook that can obviously be applied to many situations, and it’s that kind of attitude that has helped me through a lot of difficult times.

Each verse and a few segments of the chorus talk about specific memories I have with these friends. I tried to make them all very personal and dear to me, but relatable on a surface level so that listeners can understand and maybe connect to the lyrics. I also added a few lyrics about the friends that are now currently leaving for college this year, and a friend my age that I hope I never have to say goodbye to; we both like the same college, so here’s to hoping we both get in!

Musically, this is probably one of my least favorite songs on the EP. However, I thought it was important to release this song just because of how relevant and meaningful the lyrics are. Those two friends that sparked the idea for this song are now entering their sophomore year of college, and one of those friends is even studying abroad in Germany! Now, my closest friends are all leaving for college in the next couple weeks, and I don’t even think it’s hit me how much I’m going to miss them. As for me, I’m entering my senior year, along with many of my other friends. We’re all applying to various colleges, auditioning for programs, and preparing for tough decisions ahead.

While it’s my oldest song on the EP, it’s message couldn’t be more true. I hope it inspires you all to look at some hard goodbyes in a different light, and at the very least, I wouldn’t mind it if the tune got stuck in your head as well! (;

– merakki

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