“Be Alright” – Behind the Song


Be Alright is my most recent composition on this EP. It is by far my favorite, not just because I’ve gotten better with my DAWs (digital audio workspaces), but because it means so much to me lyrically.

For the instrumentation, I stuck with good old fashioned piano for majority of the song. Of course, I have the typical drums and bass, per usual. The one thing that sets apart this song from the rest is that I experimented with using a synthesized lead and counter melody throughout the song. This is something I’ve always wanted to try, but I never had the instruments in my software to do it. God bless FL Studio and its ability to make decent sounds when you don’t own a computer. Interestingly enough, that melody you hear during the post chorus is actually five instruments all mixed together! This song was definitely a big stepping stone for me as an electronic composer and producer, and I’m incredibly thankful that I was able to learn so much from it.

As for the lyrics, this song certainly hits home. This past spring I went through a little relationship trouble. I had never really experienced this, so it was extremely difficult for me to deal with. Enter “Be Alright”. I have this habit of writing songs whenever I feel any intense emotion, and like every other emo teenager in high school, most of my intense emotions are sadness or anger. At the time of writing this song, I was feeling so many ways, and not quite sure how to handle it. So naturally, I set it to music. However, I’m not the type to write really sad ballads that make you want to cry; although I feel that way sometimes, I generally like to have an optimistic attitude through life and I want my songs to reflect that. For me, Be Alright is a statement that I will move on, and I will be okay. If not now, then soon. And in the meantime, my hope and determination will get me through, and that’s enough to be alright.

– merakki


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